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• Born 1970(1971) in Yavuzeli in Turkey

• 1989-95 Studies at Firat University in Elazig under Prof. Memduh Kuzay and Cemal Arslan

• 2018 members of the © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2018

•City sponsored Artstudio from the city of Cologne

Exhibition (solo)

hunstenkunst 2019 | kunstverein offenbach 2019 | emschertal-museum-herne 2018 | galley art publischer partisan  2017 | galerie art monopol salzburg  2017 | huntenkunst 2017 | sveta art gallery frankfurt 2016-2017 | kölner liste - contemporary artfair 2016 |[kunststiftung huntenkunst 2016 | kunsthalle kühlungsborn 2016 | kunstverein offenach 2015 | huntenkunst 2015 ulft | berliner liste 2015 | stadtgalerie weisser turm ahrweiler 2015 | gallerie orangerie heiligendam 2015 | kunsthaus rheinlicht in remagen 2014 | cologne paper Art  2014 | gallery zeugma cologne 2014 |  gallery kunsthaus schöne in andernach 2013 | cutlog artfair paris 2013 | galerie 10er gmünden 2013| galerie zeugma cologne | rautenstrauch-joest museum cologne 2013 | arte arezzo 2013 | gallery zeugma cologne 2012 | affordable contemporary art hamburg 2012  | paralax london 2012 |artberlin in berlin 2012 |  gallery artist meeting eesdron 2011 |  one artist show artfair nrw in diusburg 2010 | one artist show art innsbruck 2008 | arttower berlin 2009 |  one artist show ARWI 2009 | gallery hördeburg – dortmund | art esplanade 2008 – dortmund | fzkke art association in euskirchen 2008 | peurto rico -usa | gallery kulturpunkt wipperfürth | city gallery gallery in frechen 2008 |one artist show hörderburg museum dortmund | one artist show african art gallery cologne 2007 | one artist show artfair graz 2006 | gallery zeugma cologne 2006 | gallery werkstadt cologne 2006 | BIPI’s culture gallery in cologne 2004 | one artist show art and exhibitionhall münsterland - münster 2004 | gallery kulturpunkt wipperfürth 2003 | museum project hördeburg– dortmund 2003 | one artist show in sporthall arena oberhausen 2001 | gallery schlachthof, art project "escape times" – bremen 1997 |



Exhibition (groups)

roetgen museum neuwied 2019-2020 | galerie augarde in daun 2019 | discovery artfair cologne 2019 | kunstverein wesseling "11th artpreis" 2018 | kunsthaus rheinlicht remagen 2018| stadthalle linz, 2018 | gallery 1831 in paris 2017 | ST.ART salzbourg in france 2017 |  gallery smend köln 2017 | 1831 gallery in paris 2016 |  gallery different london 2015 | kunsthaus schöne andernach 2015 | gallery different london 2014| cologne paper art 2014 |gallery kunsthaus schöne in andernach 2013 | gallery zeugma- cologne 2013 |  gallery different london 2013 | arte immagina artfair reggio emila, italy 2013 | galleria Borghese di mentana, mentana-roma 2013 | showroom of the camber of trade by zarifa art 2012 | art expo arezzo 2012 | gallery zeugma in cologne 2012 | affordable art fair hamburg 2012 | gallery kunstagentin in dortmund 2012 | gallery different london 2012 | “Le Ciminiere” exhibition Centre - Viale Africa no.12, Catania |  gallery hördeburg – dortmund 2012 | gallery kunstmeile demiroski warendorf 2011 | artfair bagl in berlin 2011 | one artist show hanse art bremen 2011 | auction dominique stall in paris 2011 | city gallery wesseling by zarifa art 2011 | gallery zeugma cologne 2010 | art fair genf 2010 | arttower berlin 2010 | gallery opera budapest | gallery zeugma cologne | gallery artspace K2 remagen | gallery artestruttura e divitas in italien 2010 | museum project hördeburg – dortmund 2010 | one artist show fzkke kunstverein in euskirchen 2009 | art fair istanbul 2010 | art fair 21 cologne 2010 | innsbruck artfair 2009 | gallery opera budapest 2009 | showroom of the landscape union westfalen-lippe in münster 2009 | arte immagina art fair reggio emilia 2008, 2010 | art fair salzburg 2006, 2008 | ARWI 2008 peurto rico -usa | villa ignis cologne 2008 | city gallery „house of the netherlands krameramthaus“ in muenster 2007 | african art gallery in cologne 2007 bei zarifa art | gallery j. ehrenberg manheim 2007 | gallery werkstadt cologne 2007 | gallery 10er haus in gmünden 2007 | akzenta art fair - graz 2007 | gallery am werk leverkusen 2007 | gallery tijani- dortmund 2007 | art exhibition, national park - harz 2007 | historic city hall andernach 2006 | gallery kontraste - erwitte 2005 | duetsches werkzeugmuseum in remscheid 2006 | gallery kontraste erwitte-horn 2006 | 12th. exhibition national park harz 2006 | art association bergisches land e.V. wipperfürth 2005 | kunsthalle lindenthal- cologne 2004 | gallery cornelius hertz in bremen | art and exhibitionhall lindenthal in cologne 2003 | gallery cornelius hertz in bremen 1997 | ... |



art project und prize | nominated for the “11nd ArtPrize” kunstverein wesseling. | the prize “Artist of the Year 2017” to be conferred by the “2nd European Achievement Awards” | the president of the jury noted mitteleuropa prix Vilnius 2011 | 1997 art project "flight time" with international human rights association Bremen | 

public collections | public and private collections in turkey, germany, france, england, italy, england, belgium, hungary, holland, austria and usa. |  collection of the international senefelder foundation MANROLAND in offenbach | sammlung kunsthalle kühlungsborn | emschertal museum herne collection of the city herne | külturburos collections of the city of dortmund | art collections of the german families foundation | GRAF immobilien gmbh – remscheid | zugweg shool, cologne | mig-art and culture association in hamburg | german tool museum remscheid | stern-wywiol gruppe hamburg | the saatchi online international nonstop werbung   | 2 edition (einstein and picasso)  senefelder stiftung  / kunsthandel manfred huegelow (einstein and picasso) in offenbach | 

art workshops and art symposium in germany and russia his work has been in the following newspapers, magazines, and encyclopedia (who's who) | some of his works were as roman cover by ali arslan- “serce” | bülent özcan “en güzel ben ölürüm” | and cover for music cassettes (mikail aslan miraz | group munzur, anka kusu | ozan emekci, munzur 17th senfoni, and published as posters and postcards. | 6 works of art at saatchi online is selected as an international non-stop advertising in 2013 | about his life and his art were in the various internatinal tv channels as documentaries | WDR | ARTE | RTL II | SHOWTV | CHANNEL D | ARTE | ROJ TV | aired in TRT INT | TRT1 | WDR- "aktuelle stunde " | WDR- COSMO | ARTI TV | ODA TV |  rejisor irene payvest, documentary filmed “the mystery of the artist ali zülfikar!” rejisör gökhan harmandalioglu, documentary filmed “dance of colors”



Zitat von der Frau Dr. Stephanie Eckhardt

Ali Zülfikar was born in 1971 in Milelis in Turkey and studied art at Firat University under Professor Memduh Kuzay. His success began early, with his work already curated since 1993 at meanwhile over 170 international exhibitions and museums. We are delighted to display Ali Zülfikar’s masterly portrait drawings on canvas and handmade paper, drawings that he never reworks, this being a distinguishing feature of his approach.


It is the highest goal of a portraitist to understand and make visible the soul and life of a person, and this is something that Zülfikar achieves in a unique way: It is above all the pictures of old people that unfurl in his hands an emotional intensity that comprehends the wisdom and dignity of lived experience and bring to the topic of old age a novel and positive serenity. As a master of his craft, he develops in his drawings detailed structures that, seen from a distance, create a strong presence, while viewed close-up there is a tension between the spatial depth and proportions which generates the effect of relief by using layers and ruptures in the flow of the lines. 



Most of those portrayed arouse the sympathy of the observer. Either it is the wakeful eyes that attract or else a tension in the features that signals living energy. In the case of “Oo No!” both apply. The faces of the women have often something warming, motherly, patient, although it is difficult to say what it is exactly that elicits this perception. But one finds oneself stopping to admire, too, “Genuß/Pleasure”, which is the portrait of an engaging, smiling woman with surprisingly soft features.


The outstanding feature of Picasso’s wonderful head is clearly the striking physiognomy in which his determination is reflected. A vigorous curiosity speaks from his large eyes. Less trust-inspiring contemporaries, too, provoke fascination such as “Curse of the Caribbean”. 


Seen in profile, the old unshaven man has his mouth open. Must one fear him, or is this an unkempt person who deserves compassion?


It is Ali Zülfikar’s achievement that his pictures provoke such questions. His portraits pull the observer into the stories that they tell – through their eyes, their facial expressions, their tense features. He is without doubt a great draughtsman whose understanding for the unmistakeable lifelines of people is undeniable.


Ali Zülfikar brings his oversized portraits up close to the observer and shows them in an unusually intense light: each furrow or scar, each ever so fine hair, is captured in the drawings. By presenting his portraits in oversize dimensions, and also strongly modulated, he creates a monument of human feeling and a lived life.

Dr. Stephanie Eckhardt | Cologne, 06/06/2016
Tranlation: Paul Gregory